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Female Ejaculation - Give Your Woman Her Most Explosive Orgasms of Her Life!

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Give Your Woman Her Most Explosive Orgasms of Her Life!

Sure, You have brought a woman to climax... but have you ever pleasured her enough to make her ejaculate? If not then you need to keep reading this.

Did you know that only 3% of women have ever experienced the amazing sensation known as female ejaculation. Yes women can ejaculate too but if you do not know the proper steps to take you will never give this pleasure to them. To ejaculate a woman must be completely satisfied but it is possible to make her ejaculate even without an orgasm! But you really need to know what you are doing for this to happen

1. Yes! Women Do Cum Too!

It is true women can cum but only if their partner knows where to touch and how to bring it out from them. If you can successfully release this fluid you will be in her dreams for the rest of her life. We all know that no matter how much a woman loves you for your personality, she will be talking to her girlfriends about the one who has taken her to the biggest sexual peaks she has ever experienced. If you make her ejaculate you will be talked about with all of her friends, forever!

2. Can Every Woman Really Ejacualte?

It is very true every woman in the world has the ability to ejaculate a gushing clear liquid. But not every woman believes this, now is your chance to prove them wrong. You see, when a woman is about to cum they will feel a sensation similar to that of urinating, but really there is no urine coming out. It is pretty well impossible for a woman to urinate while having sexual intercourse. So to achieve the ultimate pleasure this girl will have to have trust in you.

There are more steps to making a woman ejaculate than you might think. It takes time, patience, and your complete control over her to satisfy her every desire. But to make a woman ejaculate you do not need to be a well-endowed man. You see in almost 80% of the cases of women ejaculating, men are not inserting their penis at all. Although it will help to have sexual intercourse before hand, most of the work will involve your tongue and of course, your fingers. Only with your fingers can you pulsate the G-spot, and make sure you are stimulating every erogenous zone in her vagina. With the Making Women Orgasm Guide you will learn every technique and position there is to give your woman the guaranteed chance to ejaculate

3. Here is What You Will Learn

Exclusive techniques for fingering her vagina and giving you absolute control on when she will climax, and ejaculate.

A full step-by-step guide that is straight to the point to bring her to her peak, and have her gushing ejaculation fluid in no time!

Multiple sex positions that you can use to stimulate her g-spot and get her ready to cum.

Learn the steps you can take to make sure your woman receives multiple ejaculating orgasms in a single night.

How and when you should be increasing pressure on her g-spot and pubis mons to release the ejaculation fluid.

A variety of different fingering techniques that will stimulate different parts of her vagina, and at what times and order you should do them to have her ejaculating in minutes.

An explanation of every area of the vagina so you know exactly what you are touching and what it stimulates.

You will not believe how easy making a woman cum really is. This highly sought after pleasure is no longer reserved for just porn stars!

How to avoid making simple mistakes that can ruin a woman's mood and cause her vagina to dry up and eliminating the chance she will ejaculate.

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